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For further proof, we offer the following. Where Chief Little Crow or Taoyateduta has been falsely suggested as the organizer and leader of the hostile Dakota and responsible for the uprising, he was killed July 3rd, 1863 by a farmer and his son just outside of Hutchinson Minnesota (within that boundary circle). It wasn’t till the end of March 1864 (almost a year later) that a bounty payment was made and only after proof of who the corpse was and due to the significant, the bounty was increased to $500.00. It took a Civil War to end the practice of local communities adopting such evil Acts or Policies entirely. You do not find “Bounty, Redskin, or even Scalp” listed anywhere on that check.

Adding to the confusion is the press and politicians all claimed it to be “Un-Provoked” hostilities which were and are a bald-face-lie and they knew it at the time. There were culprits on both sides leading up to this but that is for a different story, which NAGA will address in the future. If one looks, you will not find “Bounties on Redskin Scalps” in any official document except for General Order 41 which lasted just 16 days and only states “The order provided for the creation of a corps of scouts that would“ scour the Big Woods” for Sioux men. The corps was to remain active for sixty days and be composed of a captain and forty to sixty men, who were to be divided into squads of five or more men under the command of their leader.145 The scouts would be responsible for equipping and subsisting themselves, but they were to be paid $1.50 per day and an additional $25 for “each scalp of a male Sioux delivered to this office.”1.

When looking at the press release from the Republican Daily Union you will see only Redskin which was commonly used by American Indians as well as non-Indians when talking about Indians. But you do not find Scalps anywhere.

In 1897, this headline story from the “Los Angeles Herald, Volume 27, Number 24, 24 October 1897” after an exhaustive search produced this writing.


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Tragically communities and its citizens have been thrust into the heart of Politics and all the deceit that follows. It is not the desire of honest hardworking everyday American’s to be thrust into th


Here again, as NAGA relies on fact not fiction, proof not theory we have researched the whole issue and beyond. In what we have provided thus far, it appears only one actual Scalp Bounty was paid out

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