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“How many members belong to your organization?”

Since our founding in 2014, NAGA has prided itself as an association powered by volunteers rather than dues paying members. To date we have over 5,000 volunteers nationwide split nearly evenly between racially diverse individuals and those with Native ancestry ranging from partial blood to full blood tribally enrolled.


How many tribes do you work with?


NAGA was founded to give voice to the silenced majority of rank-and-file Native Americans whose opinions regarding Native names and imagery has largely been ignored. We believe the notion that a handful of tribal politicians can speak for their entire membership on this or any topic, which is purely a matter of personal opinion to be preposterous.

Doesn't the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) speak for Indian tribes on this issue?


Just as preposterous is the notion that NCAI speaks for tribal nations concerning this matter of individual opinion. It defies belief that even a single tribe has joined NCAI based upon their stance on Native names and imagery. Once an organization focused upon treaty enforcement, NCAI became radicalized in the 1990s by the likes of Susan Harjo, claiming she alone will decide who has a voice on this issue. NCAI passed a resolution in 2015 in support of extremist "decolonization." Former NCAI President and Chairman of the Blackfeet Nation (which gifted the iconic logo to the Washington Redskins) had it right when saying in a 2002 interview with the Washington Post, " It made us all so proud to have an Indian on a big-time's only a small group of radicals who oppose those names. Indians are proud to be Indians."

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