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Partner School Program

Partnerships between Native themed educational institutions and local tribes and/or Native organizations have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The Partner School Program is a new, education-based pilot program NAGA is introducing in 2020. The shared "brotherhood" spirit and desire to recognize and honor First Nation's people is a valuable common ground for American Indians and Native themed public schools alike.  In fact, a recent study conducted by Harvard University and 23andME (the largest study to date) revealed that over 50% of Euro-Americans have some Native American DNA. NAGA is partnering with Native themed schools across the nation to assist each in achieving the following:

  1.  Development of customized educational materials about the factual history of the team nickname and logo as well as about the history, customs, culture, and traditions of each school's regional tribes. This information will ideally be widely disseminated on the school's website and other communications channels.

  2. Development of curriculum that teaches American Indian history devoid of any social justice politics.

  3.  Implementation of videos and electronic communication to facilitate interactive learning opportunities.  NAGA will provide each participating school with a continuous supply of high quality, educational videos encompassing a wide spectrum of relevant topics as told authentic American Indian oral storytellers representing diverse tribal nations from across the country.  Opportunities for students to ask questions and correspond via email will provide a higher level of interactive learning. As arrangements can be made, our educators will even make in-person speaking appearances on occasion. 

  4. Locating local pow-wows which will ideally be attended by students as part of an annual field trip.

  5.  Planning and hosting of an annual Native American cultural exhibition, which could include a Native American art show, storytelling, cultural performances, among other possibilities.

  6. Joining the network of Native themed schools across the nation which NAGA has assembled as a platform to draw from shared experiences, challenges, and successes.

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