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Partner School Program

The almost universally accepted standard for entities representing themselves with a Native American theme is via establishing a partnership with a tribal nation. This is true especially with athletic teams, whereby even blue states (except for one) that have passed unconstitutional laws prohibiting public schools from using Native names and imagery have made exemptions for those that have a tribal partnership. At the college level, the NCAA carved out an exemption for tribally named schools to keep their identities so long as they gained approval from a namesake tribe. Although not mandated by any professional or semi professional league, teams have voluntarily forged tribal partnerships to include the minor league Spokane Indians with the Spokane Tribe, the Indianapolis Indians with the Miami Tribe of Indiana, the Atlanta Braves with the Eastern Band Cherokee Nation, the Chicago Blackhawks with the Sac and Fox Nation, and the Kansas City Chiefs with a working group of local tribes.


Unfortunately, not every Native themed school can find a tribal nation to partner with. That is why NAGA has developed our own Partner School program, whereby we as a national Native American organization will partner with schools who follow our guidelines. The program starts with an assessment performed by members of our leadership team - refer to the "Leadership" tab on our website which features an impressive array of tribally enrolled and non enrolled Native Americans, academics, and even a tribal Chief. We do an objective review relative to the true context of each school's nickname (Braves, Warriors, Redskins, etc.) as well as an assessment concerning the appropriateness of any logos, imagery, and traditions being utilized.


Upon completion of the assessment, a series of recommendations are made. Schools that agree tin writing to abide by them and most importantly agree to utilize their platform to educate about Native Americans become certified as "Centers of Excellence" for American Indian remembrance and education. This formally forges the partnership which continues via our ongoing services which includes but is not limited to:


  • General consulting concerning Native centric matters.

  • Defense of your school's nickname, logo, imagery and any traditions against any attacks.

  • Petitioning government officials from pursuing any legislation or policies that would in anyway inhibit your school from maintaining your Native brand.

  • Advisement concerning the integration of Native American curriculum and/or other educational programming.

  • Sourcing Native Americans who can help educate students via speaking engagements, cultural performances, etc. either in person or live streaming.

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