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The mission of the Seven Generations Alliance is to unite all groups and individuals opposed to and/or adversely affected by cancel culture for the purpose of confronting and defeating it. To achieve our mission the Alliance will seek to educate and influence key decision makers at every level by leveraging our facts and strength in numbers.


In recognition and respect for the diverse backgrounds, histories, and cultures which are America, Native American Guardians Association invites all other people's to join our cause. American Indians, despite our reverence to this country, have become the foremost targets of cancel culture. As such, it is only fitting that American Indians lead the counter offensive against this most diabolical form of racism.


The symbol of our Alliance is the Hiawatha belt. In this belt, it records when 5 warring tribes buried their weapons to live in peace. The middle symbol is the "Tree of Peace" which serves as the symbol for the "Great Law of Peace", a set of American Indian principles of governance which served as the model for the U.S. Constitution. The belt is purposely open ended on both sides to express an invitation for other people groups to join the chain.


The symbolism is a reminder for leaders to maintain peace and make decisions not only for today, but should result in a sustainable world 7 generations into the future.

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What We Believe

As patriotic Americans representing diverse ethnic backgrounds, histories, and cultures, we seek to foster mutual respect and preserve our individual races, cultures, traditions, historic figures, holidays, monuments, statues and all other forms of recognition of our unique contributions to our blended ethnic mosaic that is America. We believe that cancel culture is at the root of dividing Americans largely along racial lines as it seeks to eliminate history and tradition from society, and as such, cancel culture itself must be eliminated.

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Become a Member

Groups and individuals may gain membership into the Seven Generations Alliance by paying an annual honorarium to NAGA in the amount of $100 as a means to further the mission of the Alliance.

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Group Membership
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By becoming a valuable link in the chain of the Seven Generations Alliance, you will receive an official membership certificate as well as a quarterly newsletter updating you about the initiatives and progress of our Alliance.

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