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“Native Americans aren't mascots”

The Native American Guardian’s Association finds your use of the term “mascot” inappropriate.


The claim of equivalence between Native American iconic symbols and “mascot” is a ploy to trivialize our proud heritage. Isn’t it ironic that you use that term with our Native American imagery and iconic symbols?


The “m” word conjures up a furry costumed individual which in no way is a respectful display of our culture and imagery.


If we need to have a conversation on the Native American name or iconic symbols, let’s have that discussion.

  • Native warriors are honored for their bravery, skill and fighting spirit.

  • Native American tribes all use their imagery in similar manners (logos, branding, monikers).

  • They inspire pride like a family crest.

  • Being in the public eye is a positive reflection of our culture.

  • Native imagery is a badge of honor that 90% of Native Americans support.


Conversely, do you consider the organization’s use of imagery and iconic symbols inappropriate?


We invite any and all organizations to reach out directly to our website for our Native American Symbol Certification program.


We work in partnership to identify/improve the use of Native American imagery, names and culture.  This starts with Education and ends with respectful use that all Native people, and those that revere our culture, can be proud of.


Educate not Eradicate.



fuzzy mascot is not Native imagery
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