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“Are you a real Native American?”

Why are you worried about my tribal affiliation when you’re listening and agreeing with academics and fringe activists who want to eradicate our names and images? They do not represent us! Ask them for their Tribal identification (ID) cards.


The Native American Guardian’s Association (NAGA) is not ashamed of our names and images and will always honor our ancestors who fought for our survival. Our ancestors did not fight to have our cultural existence taken away from us! 


Each member of our leadership team has some verified Native ancestry with the majority being enrolled tribal members. In fact, five board members are enrolled full blood Indians and one leadership team member is the Chief of a tribe. The NAGA leadership team has always proudly reflected diversity by inviting both reservation and urban Indians to serve as leaders of our organization to best represent the various voices within the community. The biographies of our leadership team have consistently been a part of our web presence, and we have been very open in regard to our individual heritages and tribal affiliations.


Mark OneWolf Yancey resigned from the NAGA board in 2020 in order to pursue other endeavors, but still fights for the preservation of Native American heritage and culture in the public. Despite the many attacks levied at Mark OneWolf Yancey, he has been very open about his heritage and life. He and his family are survivors of the “Paper Genocide.” Mark has testified in court under penalty of perjury as to his identity. As stated in his biography, Mark is Chihene N’de, also known as Chiricahua Apache.  For the many years we have known Mark, we have never known him to claim any other affiliation or heritage.  As a result of Mark’s support of the Washington Redskins' name, he was approached by a reporter from the Washington Post, who at the time was involved in a campaign to pressure the Washington Redskins to change their name. In no uncertain terms Mark was told to end his support for the team or his heritage would be called into question. This was an obvious effort to bully and discredit him. Mark has not only continued his vocal support for the Redskins, but became even more vocal by joining NAGA in an effort of preservation on a national scale. 

We ask any Native that supports Eradication of our names and imagery, would you abide by a vote of your own people, or do you not entrust Native Americans to have a majority opinion?


Academics and fringe activists don’t speak for the majority of Native Americans. NAGA represents the 90% of Native Americans that support our culture, names and imagery.


(NAGA) board members are proud Native Americans with tribal affiliation from across America. If you would like to learn more about us personally, our board and the majority opinions held by Native Americans:


More About NAGA:

The Native American Guardian's Association (NAGA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization advocating for increased education about Native Americans, especially in public educational institutions, and greater recognition of Native American Heritage through the high-profile venues of sports and other public platforms.


Meet The Leadership Team



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