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“If one person is offended, then you should change your name/stop using imagery”

To be "offended" is a choice that can certainly be a two way street. This same argument can be made by one person being offended by indiscriminate "Indian removal." 

When you discriminate against Native names and imagery, YOU OFFEND the vast majority of Native Americans!


How do you know better than Native Americans what they should be offended by and what they are “allowed” to revere?  Are Native Americans not intelligent enough as a People to make these decisions for themselves?


Eradication is real. You are supporting eradication of Native American culture. 90% of Native Americans believe discrimination against their names and imagery is highly offensive.


Native Americans are entitled to have a majority opinion on names and imagery - and be honored for it, not disrespected.


America is a wonderful place with majority rule. The minority has every right to disagree and convince others. Until then, we as a community have the obligation and duty to honor Native American majority opinions.


Do you tell other minorities how they should feel or how they should self-identify? Every race has a right to decide what names and imagery they find offensive and what they want to raise or reclaim. Native Americans are no different.

How would you feel if something you cared about, your proud heritage was stripped away? That’s how the vast majority of Native Americans feel. Our culture and history are at stake.

Native Americans are proud people who revere their names and imagery and enjoy seeing it in the public eye. It’s their heritage on display and you should respect their will.

The Native American Guardians Association supports rank and file Native American decisions and respectfully ask you, and anyone in the minority opinion to respect Native Americans as a People for their overwhelmingly majority opinion.

School Board Members:

To School Board Members who are deliberating eradication of Native names and imagery and want to know more, please visit

Media Outlets:

To any media outlets looking to report on the Eradication of Native American names and imagery, please reach out to our media relations team at



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