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“XYZ leader of tribe ABC disagrees with you”

When leaders support eradication of Native imagery, they never want to poll tribal members or let them vote on it and we know why:


Most Indian leaders speak for themselves, not for the tribal members.


Ask the Tribal Members:

The Spirit Lake Tribe in North Dakota asked their tribal members and proved that their leadership’s position didn’t reflect the opinion of their tribal members who voted to keep the name at the University of North Dakota:


  • A super majority tribal member vote in support of the Fighting Sioux name

  • This was a hot button issue for tribal members and represented the largest voter turnout ever on their reservation.


The Spirit Lake Tribal chairwoman at the time opposed the Fighting Sioux name and logo, and had the people not forced a vote by way of petition, the official stance of the tribe would have been in opposition when in fact the exact opposite was true.


We ask any Native that supports Eradication of our names and imagery, would you abide by a vote of your own people, or do you not entrust Native Americans to have a majority opinion?


Almost every Native American tribe and reservation uses their name and imagery. If tribes are for Eradication of Native imagery, why do they use it themselves?



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