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The purpose of this review is to capture the past 100 years surrounding the Education System as

it pertains to the Native American Culture and the illumination of this failed educational system.

It is also the purpose to positively identify and expose the depth of a subjugated agenda to the

education system through manipulation and influence of the minds of the American Indian and

erase their culture not only from their native lands but also any Native identity, references from

the historical pages of our nation storied history.

The American Indian has existed on the ghetto of the failed reservation system for a long time,

they have existed without adequate food, clothing, education, medicine, or shelter.   The land of

equality, liberty, and freedom for all have surpassed those entrapped on a failed Reservation

System that continues to deprive the youth of basic education.  The promise of the American

Dream is stretched beyond the reach of those on the Reservation System.  The treatment of these

people can be considered a national disgrace.  Rampant drug abuse, alcoholism, extortion, and

teen suicide are results of a failed education program that leaves many of these people victims of

political oppression and control.   

This review as presented is directed to expose this agenda that has emerged on the hypocrisy of

use of the very word  “education” by those who are entrusted with the responsibility of the

transfer of knowledge, wisdom, and critical thought in our institutional classrooms of higher

learning. Instead, these students are fed “indoctrination”. Institutions having been seized from

within while raising the banner of higher learning and human betterment for those young

aspiring students seeking knowledge and understanding.  It is nothing but social indoctrination.   

Not unlike the pulpit that detours from a spiritual message becoming a voice for a political

platform, the classrooms have been infected by a covert agenda that has a strong disdain for the

truth and an overwhelming appetite to control the minds of those who youthfully attend the

college of their choice in hopes of a rewarding career or profession.  The problem, the Native has

been removed from the educational equation.

This societal transfer or shift has been slow and subtle from generation to generation.  Much like

the earth slows magnetic processing that the general public is unaware that this transfer going on

under their feet. This agenda has taken control of the critical thought on campuses across the

country. squeezing out debate, freedom of speech, civility, diversity all the poster buzz words

that travel on a one-way street.  Norman Rockwell captured the innocence of a time when the

virtues and qualities were on the faces of all Americans.  People embraced the youthful

American culture and what it represented.  Associations like the Boy Scouts of America taught

ruggedness, masculinity, vitality, courage, honesty, and the care for your fellow man. One might

think that those virtues where new to this land, but in fact, they are not. at all.  The Indigenous

People that occupied this land prior routinely demonstrated similar virtues and social

characteristics.  Respect, honor, courage was instilled in the children.  There are many historical

accounts as evidence as America was being settled in the early 1700-1800s where these qualities

were displayed.    

Two problems we face in much of our educational classroom today are one, the hiring placement

of ‘teachers/professors who carry their political agendas to the classroom allowing them to

present their opinions to their students.  Most subjects like  Sociology, Psychology, History, have

deviated so far from the lesson plans that the elimination of the historical truth, the historical

facts are erased from the chalkboard in favor of creating a victimized culture that becomes

dependent on political agendas for their livelihood who cannot think for themselves, manage

their affairs, or control their destiny. They are dependent on these social programs much like an

umbilical cord.

Two, historical facts are replaced by intentional deception and opinion. During the past 100

years, history is being re-written by those entrusted to teach it. Real history is being thwarted,

tainted, twisted, buried and those in the classrooms across America are being exposed to re-

written historical false narratives, misrepresentations, and literally, opinions of those who hold

the student’s grades and diploma, The culture of the rebellious 60s generation is now the

generation that is at the helm of the institutions that have silenced any rebellious discord or

debate against the social establishment that again, holds their grades and diploma hostage.

A new agenda has been thrust upon most of our institutions and our public schools under the

label of Common Core.  Those in positions of political power and those in positions of

administrative control have employed a full-court press on the control of our education system.   

Today, we see significant push back from many citizens who have recognized the agenda for

what it is. The control of the youth in America by controlling all the classroom material, content,

delivery, and even testing from K-12 through to college campuses across America. They now

control the minds of those in their classrooms.  You control the minds; you control the masses.

The American Indian have suffered under the same educational oppression since the inception of

the failed reservation system employed in the early 1900s.  By controlling the message to those

who are uneducated, one will control the mind of those who are receiving that message. They are

unable to challenge, debate, test the theories presented. Gone are the textbooks in key subjects

that professors would base their lectures upon.  Instead, they drive students to websites that have

the supporting messages they embrace and present as the new societal norm.

This has been the defining crux of facing the American Indian education system since its

inception in the late 1800s.

Naga Leadership Team

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